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Donation Request


Request Requirements

Please submit requests at least 3-4 weeks in advance for review.  

The following requirements must be met in requesting a donation from Muncie-Delaware County Black Chamber of Commerce

  • Organizations and individuals must submit a request through this online form.  Due to the volume of donations requests that we receive, we can only accept requests through this online form. 

  • Must be a member of the Muncie-Delaware County Black Chamber of Commerce.

We take every request into consideration but we are not able to fulfill them all.  Our Executive Board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month to review request  All request are based on the requirements above along with our budget and resources available for the year.   While we love being able to give back to our community we love, we also have to be good stewards of the business that provideds for the small businesses in our community.   

Thank You

Jason Walker, President

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